Hi there~! Welcome to my artblog~ This is Kukico. I post my drawings/doodles here mostly and my fandom kinda comes and goes real quick and random... 8D

Commission Info

my phone gijinka, Noe, a mute ninja and his beloved idol misa-chan…
am running out of patience to colour stuff…

Art trade with soshocking!  Thank you so much for trading with me~ <3 I hope you like it ;w;/

Thank you so much for trading with me toooooo~ he looks great!! and u even drew a full body ;w; thank you so very muchhh ahhhhhhh
chocor3n HIII really sorry for being so late with this, suddenly irl stuff came one after another orz…. i hope u like it anyway ;w;


*w* sounds fun!

yes~! would u be interested? 8’D

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am wondering if anyone would be interested to do an oc art trade with me…? ;w;

edit: feel free to send me ur oc ref here or in my ask :’D

was quite occupied today till late, and felt like i had to draw something so  worked on an old sketch coz can’t think of anything to draw… ;w;
gaia auction piece~
latest obsession…orz…
this looked ok when it was still mono…and then what happened i had no idea… 8E
your most annoying cell mate…sings his heart out…rofl
/ninja edit
Rao and Aetos meet